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French provinces

France is of course not only Paris!

There are many different regions of France, each one with its own specialties. Great choice of scenery, different foods and wines and in each one different traditions and places of historic and cultural interest worth a visit. From the Normandy beaches to the Loire Valley – sail down the Rhone river from Lyon to Avignon – enjoy Provence before enjoying the high life on the French Riviera. So much to see.


The home of cheese and cider and the historic landing beaches of 1944!


One of France’s most renowned wine growing areas near the Atlantic ocean.


Burgundy, wine, good food and beautiful scenery. Can also be visited by boat!

Marseille / Provence

Lavender fields, historic towns – Avignon, Arles, Nimes, Marseille and many others.

French riviera

Magnificent setting on the Mediterranean where Cannes, St Tropez and Monte Carlo evoke splendor and excitement. The home of good living.

Châteaux de la Loire

The most elegant collection of castles built by the Kings and Queens of France in the late Middle ages. Outstandingly beautiful.


Bubbles galore in this unique wine growing area situated not too far from Paris!


The gateway to the Rhine river area, Alsace and its fine food and the city’s famous Christmas market. See the storks nesting!

So many other places and areas to visit and to partake in local customs!

Our team of colleagues situated in all of the major regions of France are ready to welcome your groups or individuals and show them some of the unique specialties of France. Food, wine, architecture, culture, history, sports, lakes, mountains, rivers and seashores. Share a meal at the table of one of the renowned chefs of France or sample a glass of wine, Champagne, cider or other regional drinks in the cellars where the art of ageing wines was invented!

Welcome to France.