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Groups we have managed in recent years: We deal with groups both large and small! The smaller ones are often the most fun whether it be family get-togethers, adult students with common interests, or gourmet food seekers!

For the track record we talk of the more important ones numbers wise.

Once Upon a Time – major car launch for 13000 dealers from 12 different nations over a period of four weeks!  WOW

In more recent times – four prestigious programs:

500 agents from the USA  over a ten day period including fifteen split groups for different regions from Bordeaux to Marseille and Lyon to Champagne. Everyone wanted to visit the Normandy beaches and of course Paris with gourmet dinners at Les Invalides, Chateau de Chantilly, and a privatized Seine river cruise with its own originality!

2200 agents in an original combined program between Belgium and France – from Bruges to Giverny!  Nostalgic Parisian evenings with the theme "Paris Je T’aime" in the ballrooms of two of Paris’s finest incentive hotels.

150 Brazilian bankers wanted to see it all from Monte Carlo to St Tropez and the famous Castellet racetrack before boarding the high speed TGV to Paris and the gala in Versailles!  Very special.

5500 US agents visited Paris with a specially designed program to include all the imaginable tours from Normandy to Champagne – Louvre, Versailles, and Paris walking tours. That final touch - a fun evening at Bercy where everyone can enjoy themselves.